If you have followed carefully the waypoint placement, fingerprinting, and map analytics guidelines when mapping your venue, you should have been able to generate a sensor signal map that provides good positioning performance in your positioning tests. 

However, as the deployment process of the IndoorAtlas positioning service is often an iterative process, and you are learning by doing, the 'mapping quality and coverage' analytics view (see below) in MapCreator is provided to help you to detect more easily if there are remaining issues in certain areas of the map that may cause positioning performance problems. 

Note: The 'mapping quality and coverage' analytics view is mainly based on the quality of the magnetic field data provided by the digital magnetometer of the fingerprinting device. This is why we may use the term 'magnetic mapping quality' interchangeably with the 'mapping quality and coverage'.

The 'mapping quality and coverage' analytics view shows in RED color the map areas whose fingerprinting data is in conflict with itself, i.e., the overlapping/nearby fingerprinting data in these areas do not match. 

The GREEN color in the 'mapping quality and coverage'  view indicates that the overlapping fingerprinting data matches well, and the BLUE color indicates areas where no overlapping data is available for analytics, i.e., you don't have multiple fingerprinting paths close to each other on blue areas.

When you learn to master the fingerprinting process, you should see mostly GREEN and BLUE in the  'mapping quality and coverage' view of the MapCreator. 

The 'mapping quality and coverage' analytics view is handy when you learn fingerprinting.

If there are major RED areas visible on the 'mapping quality and coverage' analytics view, you should try to fix them as they indicate possible fingerprinting errors. 

Note: small patches of RED color are normal and do not require further action.

You can try the following measures to fix the mapping quality issues:

A good rule of thumb is that if almost all you see in the mapping quality analytics is BLUE and GREEN, the map quality will be HIGH.