IndoorAtlas SDK contains two modes: normal aka high accuracy mode and low power mode.

The normal mode fuses geomagnetic, BLE, Wifi, PDR and barometric information to provide the best possible indoor positioning experience. Typically this mode is used when the app is on the screen and the user is actively navigating.

The low power mode is essentially radio-only (Wifi, BLE) and thus the accuracy depends directly on the richness of the radio environment. In many cases the existing Wifi installation provides department level or room level accuracy. This mode can be used in the background, keeping in mind the OS restrictions above.

To test the accuracy in the low power mode

  1. Touch the settings icon. 
  2. Then select "Low power mode"

Note that you can select any combination of the shown settings:

  • Diagnostic mode is explained here.
  • Indoor/outdoor is explained here.