If you have successfully mapped a floor or a complete venue but are having problems with getting position or the position is inaccurate, please follow these steps until the problem is solved:

  1. Did you remember to trigger map generation after fingerprinting?
  2. Check mapping analytics – are all relevant analytics showing green? See the documentation on checking map quality.
  3. Check that the floor plan is correctly aligned on the world map (correct physical size of the venue, correct position).
  4. If you’re using Android, check device settings and that you've given the app Location permission and other relevant permissions.
  5. Make sure you are walking on mapped (aka fingerprinted) area during the positioning test.
  6. If you are testing your own application, test the same route with IndoorAtlas MapCreator or iOS Simple Positioning App
    • Compare positioning accuracy -- if IndoorAtlas apps have better accuracy, please check your integration against our example codes.
    • Make sure you are using the latest IndoorAtlas SDK version.
  7. Repeat your positioning test and get the trace ID.
  8. Open the positioning session in the Session Viewer and check that there are no issues that could cause bad performance (Session Viewer automatically detects common issues such BLE/WiFi scanning off).
  9. If none of the above solves it, 
    • Click the “Report this trace ID” button at the bottom of the positioning search tool (visible after inputting the trace ID) to request support. 
    • Please describe the walked route, expected behavior, and actual behavior as accurately as possible. 
    • If the session is collected using MapCreator, please mark ground truth to the reported session using diagnostic mode of MapCreator.

Common Issues

  1. "When I start positioning in MapCreator 2, it just keeps showing "fetching floor plan" and/or for 
    "IndoorAtlas Positioning" app spinner not disappearing
    1. Did you allow all permission related to bluetooth and user location?
    2. Check from app.indooratlas.com that your floor plan doesn't have the red warning label "No beacons in map!" and/or "No WiFi access points in map!If you see both errors both Android and iOS phones will likely fail to start IndoorAtlas positioning in those venues. If you see only "No beacons in map!!", Android may start positioning, but iOS will not.