Cordova is a cross-platform mobile development framework that allows developing mobile applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. IndoorAtlas SDK is available through Cordova plugins for iOS and Androidplatforms.

This document covers how to use the IndoorAtlas SDK for Cordova following the example application.

Cordova Plugin

Cordova Plugin is available in the cordova-plugin git repository. Full documentation for this plugin is available in the API documentation page.

Get started with the example project

git clone
cd sdk-cordova-examples/CordovaExamples

The example project contains the following features:

  • Start & Stop Positioning
  • Display Floor Plan as Google Maps Overlay

Get the necessary credentials

Every application which uses IndoorAtlas service needs unique API key and Secret.

Google Maps API key is also necessary to run the examples:

Add the necessary credentials in www/js/APIKeys.js.

Add the desired platform

For iOS development:

cordova platform add

For iOS development:

cordova platform add android

If you wish to develop for both Android and iOS you can add both platforms one after the other.

Add Plugins

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-spinner
cordova plugin add

Build the project and run it

cordova build
cordova run

If you wish to build or run the application for an specific platform append the word android or ios at the end of each of the previous commands.

Note that if you wish to run these examples in an iOS device you have to open Xcode and set up a development team

open platforms/ios/IACordova.xcworkspace