Note that IndoorAtlas supports two kinds of Geofences:

  1. Cloud Geofences : Geofences defined in The geofences are automatically deployed to the SDK, bundled together with the signal map data used in positioning. Thus, geofence monitoring runs offline and work without network. 
  2. Dynamic Geofences": Geofences can be loaded to IndoorAtlas SDK at run time. For example, you can load geofences from your Backend and let IndoorAtlas SDK monitor them in real-time, no need for network connectivity after the loading phase.

Defining geofences in is easy:

  1. Go to the Geofences tab in
  2. Click Plus-sign on the top-right
  3. Draw the geofence
  4. Give it a name and click Update

Now you can listen to the Geofence triggers with the IndoorAtlas SDK, see an example here.

The video below shows how to define geofences in and how to use geofences in an app.