IndoorAtlas offers a simple Heatmap implementation which can serve two purposes:

1) As a code example for how to use IndoorAtlas Data REST API
2) For checking positioning sessions of a particular day / floor number

In this article, we focus on the latter case.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the IndoorAtlas Heatmap lets you load and visualize sessions, and then click one session to select it for further analysis in Session Viewer.

If you are a service integration or app development company and your customer deploys IndoorAtlas in a remote location, this is a great tool to help you support your customer by inspecting their positioning test sessions and provide feedback based on what you see in Session Viewer. Some common issues are listed here.

Note that this tool lets you see all positioning sessions that have stored data in our cloud for that account for the selected days. Thus, you need to handle the data so that end users' rights and contracts are followed. From this perspective the tool is useful especially in the beginning of projects when there are no end users -- and when positioning performance is being tested. Also, if you employ staging-production workflow, you can always test on your staging account with no need to worry about end user data being used.

To use this new tool: