Getting started

GroundSage overview

GroundSage includes an App and dashboard for both venue visitors and the operations team to adopt safety measures to prevent crowding and ensure our visitors have adequate space during their visit. Visitors will be updated with accurate crowd density information to avoid overcrowded areas through the App and the operations team monitor and prevent overcrowding situation in the venue with the use of a dashboard.

How does GroundSage work?

Once the GroundSage system has been set up, the venue information will be available in the GroundSage App. At the same time, the App will also send out the current app user’s location data to our server. Our server will then calculate the crowd density of the geofence area based on the location data received from each App, which will be transferred to the App and dashboard. Crowd density will be shown in a area-based heatmap in the App and in the form of both area and grid-based heatmap on the Dashboard.

The concept of Area geofence and Grid geofence heatmap

Area geofence heatmap

The area geofence heatmap is available in both GroundSage App and GroundSage Dashboard. The crowd density is calculated based on every app user’s location and then displayed in a form of a color indicator in each predetermined geofence area, i.e. exhibition hall, corridor, meeting room, shop. In the GroundSage Dashboard, an exact count of the App users in each geofence area will be shown together with its corresponding crowd density color, while the App will only display the crowd density color.

Grid geofence heatmap

Grid geofence heatmap, on the other hand, is only available in GroundSage Dashboard. Crowd density is calculated based on every app user’s location and then displayed in squares laying out next to each other. A grid geofence heatmap allows the operations team to learn the crowd movement across the venue.

GroundSage setup overview

Follow a few easy steps to set up GroundSage App and dashboard (for details, please refer to Indoor positioning system setup and GroundSage setup section):

  • Set up the venue by creating a CMS account, uploading floor plan images, and creating geofence;
  • Fingerprint your venue by physically walk through the venue with our MapCreator2 mobile App;
  • Manage your geofence info and floor plans with our simple content management tool; and
  • Venue visitors install mobile Apps which enable location data collection, crowd density calculation, and density display. While the operations team monitors crowd density through the GroundSage dashboard.

Crowd density calculation methodology

Based on the current norm of 1.5 meters’ social distance and the area that a moving individual occupies, every moving individual with safe social distancing occupies an area of approximately 4.7 square meters (The crowd density calculation matrix is customizable depending on different circumstances). Therefore, the maximum capacity of area geofence varies based on their size. We further define capacity levels in each area geofence, which are indicated in 4 different colors - Grey, Green, Yellow, and Red, which can be easily identified by visitors and operations team the density level at each area geofence. Please note that the crowd density percentage is applied across the whole venue and cannot be modified for each geofence area. Please refer to the following table for details.

Crowd density color
Crowd density level
Crowd density (in %)
Below or equal to 70% occupancy
Between 71% and 100% occupancy
More than 100% occupancy
Dark Grey
Not in operation