Getting started

About the GroundSage App

It gives visitors a real-time overview of crowd density in specific areas – such as entrance, hall, passages, etc. – which also enables visitors to choose a less-crowded area or alter their travel time to reduce risks and maintain social distance in the venue. At the same time, it allows the operations team to collect and understand the crowd density status in the venue.

Types of GroundSage App

There are 2 types of GroundSage Apps : GroundSage Showcase App and GroundSage Whitelabel App. GroundSage Showcase App allows developers to learn the crowd density and perform the technical assessment in just a few simple clicks. GroundSage Whitelabel App, on the other hand, displays crowd density in a customizable user interface, which allows businesses without App development background to own an App for crowd density monitoring.

Showcase App Sample

Whitelabel App Sample

How does GroundSage App work?

In the area where the fair or event of the venue takes place, several beacons are placed. If visitors have installed and turned on the App on their smartphone, they will be asked to permit sharing their location and Bluetooth. These beacons then receive the Bluetooth signal with the visitors’ location that their phones send out. The location of the visitor’s smartphone becomes visible through a blue dot on the map. This allows visitors to see where they are and how busy it is in other places.

GroundSage App download and installation

1.  Search GroundSage App from the iPhone’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store;

2. Select install to begin the download process;

3. Select ACCEPT if you agree to grant the GroundSage App access to the user location, Bluetooth, and storage;

4. Click on the GroundSage App icon to launch the app.