The concept of Geofence map layering

The area geofence heatmap in the App comprises 3 layers :

  • 3rd party world map layer, i.e. Google Map
  • Illustration map provided by the client, i.e. floor plan of the venue
  • Area geofence heat map, where the area areas are drawn in IA CMS

Map View

It shows the crowd density information across different levels and areas within the venue.

1Sidebar menuIt contains documentation that is related to the App, such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and FAQ
2FloorIt contains documentation that is related to the App, such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and FA
3Map compass-
4Venue map and surrounding area-
5Crowd density status and geofence name-
6Floors available for selectionIt shows a list of floors of the venue that is available in the App for selection.
7Blue dotThe blue dot shows the current location of the App user in the venue. Under “Locate Me mode”, the blue dot will always appears in the center of the map. Whereas under “Map mode”, the blue dot may not be displayed in the center of the map depending on where the map has been dragged to.
8Floor selector-
9Locate Me/ Map ModeLocate Me
The Locate Me function is used to identify and locate App users in the venue. When the user taps on , the blue dot will move to the center and indicate the user’s current location, while the map will rotate to point North on top and return to the default zoom level.

Map Mode
Map mode allows App users to explore the venue by moving around the map. If the user is currently using the “Locate Me feature”, he can either (i) tap on once again or (ii) drag, rotate or zoom in/out the map to activate map mode. Under map mode, the blue dot reflect the user’s location but it will not switch to the new floor automatically if the user move to another level. If the user wishes to locate himself in the venue, tap on  
at the bottom right corner of the map.


11. Crowd density legend 

The color scheme represents the real-time measurement of crowd-density levels in each area as follows :

Crowd density color
Crowd density level
Crowd density (in %)
Below or equal to 70% occupancy
Between 71% and 100% occupancy
More than 100% occupancy
Dark Grey
Not in operation

The crowd-density calculation is based on the 1.5-meter requirement for social distancing (The crowd density calculation matrix is customizable depending on different circumstances). Please note that the crowd density percentage is applied across the whole venue and cannot be modified for each geofence area.