Getting started

About the dashboard

GroundSage dashboard works in a pair with the mobile App. It aims to adopt safety measures to prevent crowding and ensure our visitors have adequate space during their visit The dashboard will reflect the crowd density status in a area heatmap or grid geofence heatmap, so the operations team could understand the crowd flows as well as the density within the venue.

The initial venue information is provided by IndoorAtlas CMS, it also shares the same credentials for login of the dashboard. The dashboard will automatically update the status every minute.

How does it work?

Visitors have to install the App on their mobile and share his/her location within the venue to contribute to the crowd density system in real-time. The dashboard will reflect the crowd density status of the venue with the actual visit count provided.

Dashboard login

Notes : By sign in to the dashboard, the user will sign in to IndoorAtlas CMS as well. They share the same credentials

How to learn crowd density status on the dashboard?

The dashboard includes area and grid-based crowd density status reporting. In the area geofence section, crowd density is shown in each predetermined area geofence, i.e. exhibition hall, corridor, meeting room, shop. While in the grid geofence section, crowd density is shown in squares laying out next to each other, which shows the crowd movement across the venue. The color scheme represents the real-time measurement of crowd density levels in each area as follows :

Crowd density color
Crowd density level
Crowd density (in %)
Below or equal to 70% occupancy
Between 71% and 100% occupancy
More than 100% occupancy
Dark Grey
Not in operation

The crowd density calculation is based on the 1.5-meter requirement for social distancing. The crowd density calculation matrix is customizable depending on different circumstances. Please note that the crowd density percentage is applied across the whole venue and cannot be modified for each geofence area (for details, please refer to the section of Crowd density calculation methodology).

FAQ - General

What browsers do we support?

We support Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

What languages do we support?

We currently support English only.