Dashboard - Area geofence 

The dashboard will display the crowd density of the venue according to the area geofence which was drawn by users in IndoorAtlas CMS. The dashboard will update every minute automatically.

Features overview 

1Venue selectorChoose the venue you wish to check out the crowd density
*Note : venue availability depends on IndoorAtlas CMS
2Floor selectorFor selection on floor level. Floor level availability depends on Floor Plan creation in IndoorAtlas CMS
3Crowd density legendThe color scheme represents the real-time measurement of crowd density levels in each area as follows :
  • Green: Low (below or equal to 70% occupancy)
  • Yellow: Medium (between 71% and 100% occupancy)
  • Red: High (more than 100% occupancy)

*Note : Currently the crowd density calculation is based on the 1.5m requirement for social distancing (The crowd density calculation matrix is customizable depending on different circumstances).  Please note that the crowd density percentage is applied across the whole venue and cannot be modified for each geofence area.

4Detail PaneAs each area geofence will have a different count according to the crowd density levels, this information will be trigger when clicking on a specific polygon on the map (#8). Users can click "X" to close the detail pane anytime.
5Selection tabMenu to allow users to switch to different heatmap views in the same venue
6Map paneTo display the crowd density level of the venue under the map view
7Zoom ControllerAllow user to zoom in and out of the map


Zoom In


Zoom out

8Area geofenceThe pre-defined area geofence which are drawn in IA CMS  to display corresponding area geofence