Dashboard - Grid geofence

The dashboard will display the crowd density of the venue according to the fingerprint area. Each area of the grid is equal to 225m2, which depends on the world map and the fingerprint area. The dashboard will update every minute automatically. 

Features overview

1Venue name
2Venue selectorChoose the venue you wish to check out the crowd density
*Note : venue availability depends on IndoorAtlas CMS
3Floor selectorFor selection on floor level. Floor level availability depends on Floor Plan creation in IndoorAtlas CMS
4Grid-based crowd density heatmap


5Tooltip explains the parameters used in the crowd density calculationTo fulfil social distance norm, an occupation area of 4.7 square meter has a maximum capacity of 1 person (dynamic crowd)
6Floor plan setting selector-
7Area-based crowd density heatmap-
Selected floor
Zoom ControllerAllow user to zoom in and out of the map


Zoom In


Zoom out

Crowd density legend
The color scheme represents the real-time measurement of crowd density levels in each area as follows :
  • Green: Low (below or equal to 70% occupancy)
  • Yellow: Medium (between 71% and 100% occupancy)
  • Red: High (more than 100% occupancy)

*Note : Currently the crowd density calculation is based on the 1.5m requirement for social distancing (The crowd density calculation matrix is customizable depending on different circumstances).  Please note that the crowd density percentage is applied across the whole venue and cannot be modified for each geofence area.

Grid-based geofence
The pre-defined grid geofence which are drawn in IA CMS  to display corresponding area geofence