Floor plan requirement

The floor plan of the venue should have the correct orientation, size, scale, and building position corresponding to the 3rd party world map, i.e. Google map. If there is an existing floor plan on the system, the user may align and reference the new floor plan with the existing one.

Floor plan setup

To add new floor plans to the dashboard, the user has to log in to the IndoorAtlas CMS.

Steps to add new floor plan :

  1. Login to IndoorAtlas CMS : https://app.indooratlas.com/login
  2. Select My Locations
  3. Choose the Venue to add floor plans
  4. Select Add floor plan on the top right corner
  5. Refer to the following webpage and video for steps to add a new floor plan https://indooratlas.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000050481-adding-a-floor-plan
  6. Return the Dashboard by typing https://crowd-density.indooratlas.com/ in the web browser, choose Floor plan settings 
  7. A new floor plan should be added to the last row of the according to floor level on the dashboard

Notes :

  1. Suggest all floor plan of the venue are under the same resolution
  2. Please allow for 5 mins for data sync between Dashboard and IndoorAtlas CMS
  3. Each new floor plan imported from the IndoorAtlas CMS will be placed to the last row according to floor level on the dashboard
  4. The display order of the new imported floor plan imported from Indoor Atlas CMS will be added by 10 when they display on the dashboard.