Floor plan display setting

All floor plans uploaded onto IPS CMS will be displayed in the GroundSageDashboard. Log in to the GroundSage Dashboard using the same login credential as IPS CMS, typically you will see the floor plans for the following purposes : 

  • Floor plan display in the dashboard and Whitelabel App
  • Booth layout display in the dashboard

The setup of display order of floor plans

In certain venues, there is more than one floor plan being used on the same floor, i.e. different floor/booth layouts for different events or exhibitions hosted on the same floor. When there is more than one floor plan uploaded onto IPS CMS for the same floor, they will be overlaid on each other. Only the floor plan located at the highest level will be shown on the GroundSageDashboard. You could change the display order of the floor plan anytime to ensure the correct floor plan is shown on the GroundSage Dashboard. 

Steps to set up Display order of floor plans :

  1. Login to GroundSage Dashboard
  2. Select current venue
  3. Select Floor plan setting
  4. Select next to Display Order
  5. Change the display order of the floor plans based on the map display priority. The higher the display order number,  the higher level the floor plan will be overlaid in the system. The floor plan with the highest display order number will be shown on the dashboard.
  6. Click Save

Enable / Disable floor plan display

The display of each floor plan can be enabled or disabled depending on which floor plan you would like to display on the dashboard. If some of the floor plans on the same floor are transparent, we highly recommend disabling unused floor plans to avoid seeing overlapping floor plans display on the dashboard.

Steps to enable or disable floor plan :

  1. Login to GroundSage Dashboard
  2. Select current venue
  3. Select Floor plan setting
  4. Enable or disable floor plan by toggling the Status button (Orange indicates “Enabled” and Grey indicates “Disabled”)
  5. Click Save

Notes :

  1. If the floor plan is updated successfully in the system, a prompt that says “Records successfully updated!”, and then automatically redirected to the last visited dashboard screen. 
  2. To exit the Floor Plan Setting, click Cancel
  3. If mistakenly clicked Cancel during editing, click CONTINUE EDITING to cancel the prompt. To stop editing, click DISCARD CHANGES to leave the page.
  4. The system allows the user to update the Display Order and the Visibility of the floor plan at the same time, after editing, click Save
  5. The greater number of the display order, the higher priority of the visibility of the floor plan layer. 
  6. It is suggested that the display order of the floor plan is placed at 0, the booth floor plan suggests having the largest number.
  7. It is suggested that to disable the fingerprint floor plan to avoid distraction to the facility manager. And do not replace the fingerprint floor plan.