Use this checklist to manage your deployment work. Ensure that you successfully complete all the tasks in order to guarantee the best possible indoor positioning performance.


Prepare your venue at

1Sign in to the IndoorAtlas webtool at

2Create a venue>> learn more>> watch on YouTube
3Upload a high-quality floor plan image for each floor>> learn more
>> watch on YouTube
Option: Deploy IndoorAtlas without fingerprinting
>> learn more

4Plan beacon placements using the beacon planner >> learn more
>> watch on YouTube

Prepare your beacons

Configure beacons’ hardware settings
>> learn more

Place the beacons in the planned locations>> learn more

Option: Enable the iBeacon feature in Wi-Fi access points>> contact support

Fingerprint your venue

Get an IndoorAtlas-validated phone model for fingerprinting
>> learn more

Install MapCreator from Google Play>> learn more

Place waypoints accurately on the floorplan(s) >> learn more

Start fingerprinting and add more fingerprinting paths as you learn>> learn more

12Use the instant map quality analytics in MapCreator to monitor the signal map quality and coverage
>> learn more

Generate an initial map for testing
>> learn more

Verify fingerprinting quality

Check map quality and coverage analytics and improve map quality if needed
>> learn more

Optional: Verify beacon deployment>> learn more
Quick positioning test on newly fingerprinted area
>> learn more

*Repeat steps 10-16 for each floor plan

Testing your deployment

17Validating positioning performance in the venue >> learn more

18Collect a ground truth test path and save its trace id

>> learn more
>> watch on YouTube
19Optional: Open the trace id at and check the positioning performance of the ground truth path
>> learn more>> watch on YouTube