The IndoorAtlas Heatmap is a tool for visualizing positioning session data, based on the Data REST API. The heatmap tool can be accessed through the Location overview page in the IndoorAtlas web tool. Note that, as the tool is still in development, the direct link to the tool, as well as its UI, may still change.

To enable the heatmap link, you need an API key on your IndoorAtlas account with Data API scope enabled, and another one with Positioning API scope enabled. Also, to have some positioning data to view in the heatmap tool, you should have opted to store session data (at least temporarily) in the API keys used by your location-powered applications. See the related support article for more information.


The following parameters are required in the query string of the heatmap URL. They are automatically populated in the web tool link.

  • venueId - The ID of one of your IndoorAtlas locations. Only positioning sessions in this venue are shown.
  • dataApiKey - An IndoorAtlas API key with Data API scope enabled.
  • positioningApiKey - An IndoorAtlas API key with Positioning API scope enabled.

The tool supports the following optional query parameters:

  • startTime (optional) - Beginning of the period from which to fetch positioning sessions, in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm, for example 2023-08-09T08:00
  • endTime (optional) - End of the period from which to fetch positioning sessions.

If the start and end times are not given as parameters, the tool will fetch data from the last 24h. The time range can also be selected in the heatmap UI.

Usage tips

Note: The heatmap tool is still early in development, so major changes in the features and UI may occur anytime.

Selecting start and end times and clicking Go! will reset the tool and fetch new session data. If you have lots of data available, selecting a more narrow time range may make the tool more responsive.

Tick the floor plan checkmarks to show floor plan images as background for the heatmap. Note that only fingerprinted floor plans will appear in this list. Selecting a floor plan will also filter the shown session data to be contained within the selected floor plans.

In the Paths view you can highlight individual sessions by clicking on the session IDs. Clicking the "less than" sign next to a session ID opens up Session Viewer for that session.