Before You Start -- Note on Commercial Usage

  • Note that in addition to the demo instructions below in this guide, IndoorAtlas licenses commercial on-premises asset tracking solution comprising of the following components:

  • Backend:
    • IndoorAtlas provides a production quality on-premises asset tracking backend. To license that, please Contact Sales.

  • Agent implementations:

Steps to setup your own asset tracking demo

  1. Fingerprint a location and create an Apikey with Positioning API Scope.
  2. Clone and run Asset Tracking Demo Backend. We provide an example backend for non-commercial use, see here.  
  3. Write your own agent for Android/iOS/any OS (see endpoint URL from 2). For Android you can plug the URL into our Android Background Positioning example.

Demo Architecture

  • The agent (e.g. IndoorAtlas Android Agent Example) running on the tracked device (or on a device attached to the tracked object) does radio scanning. 
  • The agent sends radio scan to the Asset Tracker backend, giving it's own Agent_ID. The request format is documented here.
  • The Asset Tracker backend requests position from the Positioning REST API using the scan.
  • The Asset Tracker backend stores the latest position of the agent.
  • Latest asset positions are visualized on a web app.

Demo Screenshots

The demo will let you track any assets and see their location on a map, such as here:

Android Background Positioning example